Hot Cardamom Cocoa

Hot Cardamom Cocoa

Christmas makes me look forward to snowy, winter nights in Montreal – a true reminder that there’s light in the darkest of times. This drink reminds me of the warmth and coziness I associate Christmas with, and a heap of cardamom. I strayed away from typical Christmas flavors because I know the element of surprise from the cardamom will create smiles. Make your family guess the secret ingredient. Share the recipe with your family and friends you’re unable to see to spread the love!

Christmas cookies

Psst… Guess What? You’re Supposed to Enjoy Christmas

Psst… Guess What? You’re Supposed to Enjoy Christmas Memories over measurements this time of year folks! Physical change is temporary but psychological change can be long lasting and lead to a more challenging time changing the physical. Permanent physical changes take time and too many people are getting caught up in the fear of weight …

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hot spiced apple cider

Hot Spiced Apple Cider

This hot spiced cider recipe is one I learned from my mom, who would make it every year around Hanukkah. We would have friends and family over, light the Hanukkah candles, and enjoy a hot (and usually slightly alcoholic) glass of cider. Although this year will probably be different, I know that wherever I end up celebrating the holidays, I will be making this cider and feeling like I’m back home.