Christmas cookies

C’mon, It’s Christmas!

« C’mon, it’s Christmas! » This sentence will probably resonate between our ears again this year. So, in order to avoid disappointing or upsetting the person who prepared the food, we agree to be served a slice of log or a second plate of turkey, just to please…

« C’mon, it’s Christmas! » These few words, harmless as they are, wonderfully illustrate the delicate position in which we are put as we try to say no to the delicious sugar pie of an insistent auntie.

Let’s face it, it can be quite challenging to stay connected to our hunger and satiety signals during the holidays. Finishing our plate is a deep-rooted habit and a belief that is not always questioned in people who are not familiar with the principles of intuitive eating.

One thing’s for sure. We should never feel forced to finish everything on our plate if we are not hungry anymore. So, this year, let’s try to delicately tell the person concerned: “This is the best sugar pied I have eaten in my life! But since I’m no longer hungry, can I bring these 2-3 bites left to eat them tomorrow?” You will probably end up leaving with the rest of the pie, but that’s another story!

Annie Ferland – @sciencefourchette

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