Christmas cookies

Psst… Guess What? You’re Supposed to Enjoy Christmas

Memories over measurements this time of year folks!

Physical change is temporary but psychological change can be long lasting and lead to a more challenging time changing the physical.

Permanent physical changes take time and too many people are getting caught up in the fear of weight gain around Christmas, rather than embracing this time of the year.

That’s not to say your five-a-day consists of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges but allowing yourself to have those festive treats in moderation (or even slightly over) will have no lasting impact on your physical health; it could have a major impact on your mental health and relationship with food if you let it however.

Strip away the morality from food; all food can be good when incorporated in the right way.

Healthy and unhealthy are pretty much non-applicable for foods in isolation; only lifestyles, behaviours, beliefs and attitudes can be healthy or unhealthy.

Have a little of what you love or have a lot on the special days, keep your activity up and make memories with your friends and family; life’s too short to cry over a chocolate coin.

Jamie Wright – @jamiesdietguide

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