Skipping Lunch to Make Up for Dinner: A Good Idea?

Skipping Lunch to Make Up for Dinner: A Good Idea?

This is a “technique” I’ve often heard, to my great dismay. Refraining yourself from eating on purpose to “make room for dinner”, i.e. trying to limit the calories ingested, is not a good idea.

Why? Because abstaining yourself from eating when you are hungry will likely lead to irritability and low energy. It’s not the best way to enjoy your holidays, right? And then, after ignoring your hunger for a while, you might forget about it… until a pleasant aroma or the sight of food brings it back to mind.

Your body won’t let itself die, oh no! At this point, the urgency to satisfy your hunger can lead you to take bigger bites, chew them quickly, and swallow them food just as fast. In addition to not enjoying the moment, the amount of food eaten in the end will likely exceed your needs.

Is this what you really want? Holiday meals are often special. Sometimes, traditional recipes that you only eat once a year are served. In my opinion, enjoying your meal mindfully, without the burden of our panicking appetite, is more pleasant than being left with an indigestion. Don’t you think?

Let me know what are your thoughts about this reflection in the comments below. Did it ever happen to you?

Amélie Loiselle – @amelieloisellenutrition


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