Vegan Rugelach Cookies with Jam (Cornulete de post)

Vegan Rugelach Cookies Filled With Jam (Cornulete de post)

These little delicious croissants are one of the many memories of my childhood. In Romanian, we call them cornuleţe and they are commonly baked around Christmas time. They are incredibly tender and will delicately fall apart in your mouth. This time, I decided to fill them with jam, but you can also use nuts, chocolate spread or Turkish delight. They are so easy to make and delicious that you have no other choice than to give them a try!

Sour (tart) cherries

Sour Cherry Jam (Dulceata de visine)

Celebrate the cherry season with this Sour Cherry Jam made without pectin. Use it as a cake filling, spread it on toast, swirl it into Greek yogurt or offer it as a lovely gift to your friends and family! As the name implies it, sour cherries aren’t as sweet as other types of cherries which is why they are often referred to as tart cherries. For some, they are too tart to be eaten on their own, but with a bit of sugar and love, they become magically delicious!