9 Foods I Always Have at Home

In our busy world, a well-stocked kitchen is essential. It will allow you to throw together a fast, flavorful meal at the end of your workday. And, when you snooze your alarm too long, you will still be able to make yourself a breakfast that will fuel you through the day or grab a nutritious snack on-the-go. Here are my must-have foods that I always have in my kitchen. You probably have some of them at home already, but I’m sure there are others you’ll want to add to your list!

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Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

I have seen many people on Instagram posting about how you shouldn’t take resolutions this year. Although I do not completely agree with them, they do have a point. The focus resolutions have taken is wrong. More and more people wish to lose weight every year and end up hurting their body more than anything. Ask yourself why you want to lose a few pounds so badly.

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Psst… Guess What? You’re Supposed to Enjoy Christmas

Psst… Guess What? You’re Supposed to Enjoy Christmas Memories over measurements this time of year folks! Physical change is temporary but psychological change can be long lasting and lead to a more challenging time changing the physical. Permanent physical changes take time and too many people are getting caught up in the fear of weight …

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