What now?

As of Friday, this week, I’ll have officially finished all my classes. Four years of university at McGill, doing my Dietetics Major. I won’t lie, those past years haven’t been easy. Lots of sleepless nights studying, innumerable cups of coffee, many anxiety attacks, often questioning myself if I made the right decision…

Yet here I am, finally closing this chapter of my life. Graduation feels a bit like looking into a kaleidoscope. My mind is full of pictures jumbled together, memories which make up my life. The classmates I’ve met, the friends I’ve made, the surprising things I’ve learned, the student activities I took part in and, finally, the excitement of this graduation day I’ve been impatiently waiting for.

I hope my mom is proud of the person I’ve become. I know she would have loved to be by my side today. I wouldn’t have made it without her. All the hours she spent helping me recite my lectures, the meals she prepared for me, the drives she gave me to school, her comforting hugs when I was stressed… It’s only when you lose them that you realized how much they mattered.

I hope she will continue to look upon me from wherever she is. Because today, more than ever, I realize how poorly school prepares us for “the real life”. No matter how long I can go on talking about nutrition, I can barely survive on my own. Instead of learning critical life skills such as how to communicate our feelings, we’ve been mostly taught to memorize information. No wonder why so many people are stressed, depressed, sad, anxious, confused, or angry in our society.

You can get straight As in school, but nobody, no matter how successful, gets straight As in life. In life, we tend to get many Fs. And once we receive those Fs, it is then up to us to learn from them and do better the next time. This way, we might end up getting a F+ instead. We’ve been wrongly taught that in life, our efforts will always pay off. If you study hard for an exam, you are most likely going to pass it. But in life, you can attempt to do something once, twice or a dozen times and still fail. But that’s the beauty of it. You are continuously learning.


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Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.


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Today, when I look back at my journey, I feel good. I’m throwing my cap in the air, knowing I’ve always done my best. If I’ve learned anything, it is that we have to be adaptable, ready to take chances, climb new mountains and go different routes. I’ve learned to stand up for what I believe and place my limits where they belong.

From now on, I want to wake up every day and do the job I am passionate about. I want to help people and share that spark nutrition lights inside of me. I want to motivate kids to cook homemade recipes and adults to give up their thousandth diet. No matter where I’ll be, I know I’ll stay true to my values. You will now have a caring, open-minded, and knowledgeable dietitian you can reach to if you have any questions.


Until next time,


Adina Elena Vladulescu – Earthy Dietitian

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